Ithaca, New York’s The Dart Brothers are filled with ambition and honesty, and are hoping good original music can still rise to the surface in an area already loaded with talent. Put aside the usual pigeonholes: Rock n’ Roll, Alt Country, Alt Rock– things like style and genre classifications are meaningless here–it takes much more for a band to really make a personal connection with people.

By aligning their dedication to hard work with a growing signature sound, the Dart Brothers are developing a niche all their own— one with a rock n’ roll foundation and just the right amount of pop and alt country polish to make it all sound like a memory from the summer of your youth.

Hailing from all around the Ithaca area, their 5-piece sound is essentially comprised of guitars, drums, bass and vocals. While their music is original, their influences are familiar, and range from the Jayhawks and REM to the Beatles and The Band, from Dawes and Pink Floyd to The Guess Who and Motown. The Darts are relatively new on the scene, but each of the members are alumni from other bands: The Bay-area’s The Naked Barbies, The New York Rock, Cats Elbow, Radio London, Lil Anne & Hot Cayenne, and a number of others in and around our area.

Singer/guitarist Todd Edmonds, bassist Emma Vulnerability, drummer Dan Lashkoff, and rhythm guitarist Andy Russell all contribute to the songwriting task, adding layers to material each member might bring to the group. It is a process that has yielded some really great collaborations.

The Dart Brothers are excited to help define the landscape of our area’s indie-rock music scene.