2020 is upon us, and for the band it’s high time to look forward to what the new year will bring– the release of our debut record, exciting shows in the planning, and seeing so many of our friends out and about at this summer’s musical happenings. And to top it off, we’re now going to confuse all our friends by changing our name (again?). What? Don’t worry, it’s not as stupid as you think. it’s actually more of a re-alignment ūüôā

First, a little insight into our band name: D— Dan, A– Andy, R– Rick & Rob, and T– Todd. There you have it. Granted, while it wasn’t the most original (at least 5 other really good ‘Darts’ bands are out there, so there’s that), we felt it was a perfect fit for who we were– 5 guys stuck on rock’n roll, writing and recording original stuff we’re really proud of, and honing our skills at shows as often as possible. The connection we have as friends and fellow musicians is strong, and while we come from different life & musical paths, the things we have in common keep pulling us into the same rehearsal spaces over and over again for years. We support each other, nudge each other, argue, play, and for the most part, laugh (thanks mostly to our family humorist, Rick).

Cut to the end of 2019, and the culmination of the last 3 years of work is about to be unleashed as we put the finishing touches on our debut record. And with that comes a whole new responsibility. Releasing songs digitally, making an actual CD ’cause our friends still like ‘stuff’, building our mailing list so we can market our music, creating videos to help support the songs, not to mention booking gigs (always tougher than you think it’s gonna be). In order to stand out in the global music world, we really need to identify a more unique, true representation of our band, one that can stand the test of time, and one that won’t step on anyone else toes. yet we don’t want to discard the goofy acronym that we’ve tattooed to our chests (at least metaphorically) for the past few years. We thought hard, and like some twisted Seussian story, we thought and we thought, until we couldn’t think no more. The brothers were done with this naming thang, let’s play more music.

And there it was. The Dart Brothers. A perfect reflection of the sprit and chemistry of our union. We’re bros. And it feels right.

So we hope you’ll continue to support us as we prepare for another busy summer, and get our music out there in the world. Don’t worry, nothing’s really changed. Just more cool music, more shows, and more friend-time. We know it’s hard to get out to see live music with so much happening in our busy lives, not to mention the crazy world in which we live. But nothing will bring us all closer than spending time together sharing music, laughs, and enjoying Dan’s facial expressions on the kit (insert happy-face drummer emoji here!). And there’s nothing more that any of us would rather be doing that making our music and sharing it with y’all. So thank you for staying with us! We love you, and wouldn’t be doing this without you. Come see the Dart Brothers at the next show.

The band is excited to finish out our year with another excellent gig at Two Goats in Hector, NY on Saturday December 9, at 8pm. We’ll be playing all our #1 hits for our fans, as well as few tasty covers, and at least one certified platinum holiday classic.

Bring your holiday sweater (preferably clean) and matching stein to win a FREE Darts collector sticker for your bumper. See y’all on Saturday 12/9 at 8pm.

WP_event_bannerTrumansburg is getting ready for its first Porchfest on June 17th, and the Darts are ready for action! We’ll be performing on the porch of the Kaplan family, at 11 South St. from 3-4pm. Here’s a map of our location, and here’s a link to the event website. We hope for excellent weather, and that you all can stop out for a fine day of music.

PS– We have heard through the grapevine that there will be an after party at Silverline where all the day’s musicians will be invited to jam, so stick around for the big finale.


We unleashed a new song at Two Goats earlier this month, and despite a few blown notes, still pulled it off. Lilly, written by Todd Edmonds, is a song inspired by Fountains of Wayne, and is the story of a bird who stays home all day and struggles with co-dependency.
Thanks to Chandra Russell for the live video footage. We discovered that the more cameras the better, and that a good mix from the sound board will help with our audio track, but hey, we’re having a ball.


2Goats_banner.jpgNow that spring is finally coming (right?), we’re looking forward to unleashing several new songs for our next event on May 13. One of those will be recording as a single before the Two Goats evening, to help launch¬†our kickstarter campaign. With your help, we’ll be able to record our first full-length album this fall. Lots of plans brewing! The Darts are ready to take over the world!

Last time we landed at the 2Gs we made some new friends, drank some beers, and had a blast. Help us make this event special too, AND hear some new original rock–

Stop over and say hello- Saturday 5.13.17   2 Goats Brewing  Music starts at 8-11pm.


The Darts are excited to return to the Silverline¬†in Trumansburg, NY, on Saturday, Feb., 11, to help celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We’ll be playing from 8-11pm, playing all your favorite love songs from the Dead Kennedy’s and the Romones.¬†Maybe not the DK‚Äôs, but seriously, it will still be fun.

Bring you favorite lover and get a discount at ilovelovers.com, #what? Oh, and we’ll have FREE stickers.

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Welcome to the home of the Darts. Listen to our latest rough demos, browse a few of our photos, and catch us at our next gig. Our  calendar of events will be coming soon, as well as more news as we continue rehearsals in the studio. Feel free to download a photo from our gallery, or grab an excerpt from our bio.